Friday, September 23, 2011

The Cardinals are Choking!

After the Cardinals blew that game Thursday night, I didn’t see anyone on the AJC blogs saying that now they’d never make the playoffs (besides me). I just hope they keep it up.

Hudson is 13-3 with a 1.95 ERA in 22 career starts against the Nationals. The bullpen is rested. The position players all got a day off yesterday. McCann and Chipper needed rest, in particular.

Watched a two hour NFL Network special on Bill Belichick. It was probably old, but I’d never seen it before. Ceil watched most of it. Matthew liked the part about the Halloween party at the roller rink, planned by Randy Moss. Everyone wore costumes. Belichick and his wife skated. I had read a book about him, how his dad was a coach at Navy, one of the best scouts ever. Nice flashback to his dad getting doused with Gatorade after a Super Bowl.

Also watched a good chunk of the Yankees/Rays game. Andruw struck out. He’s batting .240 with 11 homers. Bartolo Colon looks like Andre the Giant. Ray’s manager Joe Maddon has grown his hair out, and it looks good. Jeter made two errors, but both were tough plays. Sabathia won’t pitch again until the ALDS. When you’re chasing 300 wins, every missed start adds up.

Saw where Francoeur is hitting .285 with 86 RBIs, perhaps a better year than McCann. But there’s no pressure in KC. And Shafer had two hits the other day, batting leadoff.

Will’s cousin has always played golf, but he finally went out for football as a senior. The team is usually one of the better Class A teams in the state. A punter and receiver, last week he caught a touchdown pass. Ceil’s dad called us from the stands after the game, adding “they were playing a home school team” that was “decent on offense, but couldn’t stop anything on defense.”

My brother’s daughter is a freshman soccer player at Truett McConnell. They’ve already traveled to Florida, where she scored her first goal (and went to Disney World). This weekend they play Auburn in Montgomery.

At work we hired a girl who was the starting guard for the Georgia College basketball team, in Milledgeville.

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