Monday, September 19, 2011

College Football Recap

I always thought Tech's offense wouldn't really get rolling until they found a QB who could pass. Now defenses can't stack the line of scrimmage to stop the run. Still, this Saturday they'll finally play a decent opponent. UNC usually plays Tech tough, even though Tech usually wins. Now that Tech is ranked, there's always the chance that they come out flat, thinking they can beat anybody, and lose.

Miami played a decent game. They still turned the ball over. As usual, Tech will have a tough time with them. Looked like Ohio State isn't that good. Michigan may beat them this year.

FSU also looked good. No shame in losing to Oklahoma.

Clemson surprised me, but their offense is supposed to be improved. With the way they played, all the rest of their games are winnable. FSU, Virginia Tech, and South Carolina will be the tough ones. SC barely slipped past Navy, and I don't think VT has looked great, either.

Auburn may be worse than people thought. Also Mississippi State, who lost to Auburn. MSU has an athletic QB who may look great in practice, but can't win tough games.

I was not impressed with UGA QB Aaron Murray. Missed too many receivers, especially when he rolled or threw right. Isaiah Crowell was impressive. Reminded me of Eric Dickerson the way he ran: legs bent, butt low to the ground, but his back, shoulders, and head straight. He needs to get more carries as UGA gets into the meat of their schedule.

Saturday I noticed Mark Richt and the other coaches did not lead the team through the pregame "Dawg Walk." Not 100% sure they ever do, but I thought they did. My young walk-on friend Robert Davis did not dress for the game.

At work the Tech fans are giving me a hard time for going to the UGA game. They don't care that I hadn't been in 27 years. Would've been nice to see Kansas, a team I'd never seen, but I'd never seen Coastal Carolina either.

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