Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Sports Report

The Braves need to score some runs. Yesterday they threatened several times, but just couldn't push a runner across the plate. With the bases loaded and no out, with such trouble scoring runs, perhaps they should've squeezed with Bourn at the plate. He seems to be tired and frustrated. Perhaps Hinske needs a start, to pump up the team.

I like little Jack Wilson, but I think Gonzo has a little more range at shortstop. They seem to be a wash at the plate, though Gonzo hits it harder (when he connects). Wilson may walk more.

I haven't been watching the experts, but it seems the Phils can pick their opponent. Let the Braves win, and they can play Arizona. Beat the Braves, and they'll have to play the Cards. But the Phillies seem to be having problems scoring runs themselves. The Red Sox are also in worse shape than the Braves.

Slow weekend. Matthew's team lost 2-1…both teams combined for one hit. Anna had a sleepover Friday night. Will practiced, but missed his game to go back to Camp Highland for an overnighter.

I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 on Herschel…Comcast has it where you can watch it On Demand. They spent a good deal of the time focusing on his multiple personality disorder, and how he had no memory of accepting his Heisman. They did note he rushed for 5000 yards in the USFL, and later that he finished in the NFL's all-time combined yards top ten. They just didn't connect those dots, that he gained more yards as a pro than anyone else.

Tech held on to beat UNC, but they missed out on scoring another 17 points. Washington was intercepted once, and had several passes flutter and hang up too long in the air. They usually stumble at NC State.

Glad to see UGA let the freshman loose, but when Richt learned Crowell ran over 30 times, he was that was too many. The other backs are ok, but in Jacksonville they need to ride him the whole game. Sounds like right now he's getting tired.

Clemson played well, but benefitted from several key FSU penalties…and from the FSU starting QB missing the game.

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