Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tigers Sept 10 Game Notes



1. Every Tiger reached base. Every Tiger scored or drove in a run.

2. Two Nationals did not reach base. Three did not score or drive in a run.

3. While pitching, Alex speared a line drive up the middle.

4. Big Tanner looked good at shortstop, and had his deep line drive caught by the leftfielder.

5. Had centerfielder Jalen caught the pop fly, the Nats wouldn’t have scored in the first inning.

6. Three of the Nats’ four hits were dinks, barely past the infield.

7. All three close calls went the Nationals way…

a. In the top of the first the throw beat the runner, but Harrison obviously slid under the tag. Several said the catcher also dropped the ball. Afterwards Coach Williams showed tremendous restraint.

b. In the bottom of the first another throw to the plate beat the runner, but the National was ruled safe.

c. In the third, third-sacker Tanner blocked the bag and tagged out a base stealer, whose foot never reached the bag. Again, the National was ruled safe.

Tigers: 25 PA, 4 hits, 6 Ks, 6 BB, 2 HBP

Nats…24 PA, 4 hits, 7 Ks, 6 BB

Key to the game: Errors committed: Tigers 6, Nats 2.


Jalen: 0-2, HBP, run

Nate: 1-2, BB, SB, 2 runs, reached on error

Tanner: 1-3, RBI, 2 runs

Harrison: 1-2, BB, run, reached on error

Brandt: 0-2, BB, RBI

Alex: 1-3, run, 2 RBI

Thomas: 0-1, BB, run

Randall: BB, HBP, RBI

Matthew: 0-2, RBI

Marlon: 0-1, BB, RBI


Alex: 1 inning, 8 BF, 2 Ks, 3 BB, 4 runs (all unearned), putout

Brandt: 1 inning, 4 BF, 2 Ks, BB

Randall: 1 inning, 7 BF, K, BB, 3 hits, 3 runs (2 unearned)

Jalen: 2/3 inning, 5 BF, 2 Ks, BB, hit, 2 runs, putout

Tanner: 2 putouts

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