Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Braves: All is Well

Fans are worried about the division lead going down to four games, and say the Braves should have “put the Nationals away” while they had the chance. No team has ever won the championship in July (or August). It all comes down to September, and who finishes the best.

Most of the year the Braves starters have been providing quality starts, but none in the past 5 games. Hudson is the only pitcher out of the 12 on the roster with an ERA over 4.00. His is 4.02.

Despite a rough last week, I’m not sure who has a better starting five than the Braves right now, if anyone. Hudson and Maholm, already a 9-game winner, will not be back next year. They’ll probably be replaced by Beachy and Alex Wood. Both Minor and Teheran should’ve made the all-star team. Medlin has received less run support than anyone in baseball. On average, all five pitch into the seventh inning of every game. As Hudson explained, all wouldn’t mind pitching even longer if needed. None of the five has missed a start. I don’t have the info, but the Braves probably have more quality starts than anyone in baseball.

ERA/innings per start
3.05 6.4 Minor
3.23 6.3 Teheran
3.45 6.1 Medlen
3.81 6.2 Maholm
4.03 6.1 Hudson

Sunday Freeman singled. Last 7 games: .292/.357/.375/.732. Seems to be pressing a bit. Sunday Puig had two singles and struck out twice. Struck out 4 times Saturday. Last 7 games: .308/.321/.538/.860.

After a long Monday I finally crashed on the couch, and was watching as the Braves exploded for all those runs. The Braves won while I was cleaning up the kitchen.

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