Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Catch (2013 Version)

These past two games the Braves have been hitting the ball hard, without much to show for it. Reed Johnson has come through in the clutch in both games. Minor and Teheran both pitched well. Julio would’ve had a shutout if Justin hadn’t misplayed that ball in rightfield so bad.

In the bottom of the ninth it was interesting that Reed Johnson stayed in the game to play defense, as opposed to pinch-runner Constanza. At that point the Braves didn’t have many position players on the bench. Terdoslavich was burned on one of several bad calls by the home plate umpire. Laird probably wasn’t available. Pastornicky had been send down, so the light-hitting Janish was the last one on the bench. Since Justin would’ve been up in the next inning (right?) and with out many pinch-hitters left on the bench, that’s why both Reed and Constanza both didn’t enter the game on defense. Kimbrel threw so many pitches in the bottom of the ninth, and was due up third had the game gone to the 10th. If Justin and Freddie made outs, Kimbrel could’ve hit.    

Heyward made an great play to save the game. The fact that it came against the Mets in NYC with two out in the ninth should place it high on ESPN’s Top Ten plays and Web Gems. After watching the replay I went to bed, where I starting thinking about what would’ve happened had Heyward missed that catch. At best the game would’ve been tied with a runner on third. Heyward couldn’t play it on the bounce, it was too far away. No guarantee that Reed would’ve been able to cut the ball off before it rolled to the wall. So Heyward made the best play.

Made me think about the catch Ron Swoboda made in the 1969 World Series, when I was ten. I only saw replays of that catch. Some said he should’ve played the ball on the bounce because of the situation, which I don’t know the details of.

I checked out Maholm’s Twitter a few weeks ago. Looks like he goes to church somewhere where you have to dress nice. Saw where he supported Louie Giglio’s End It movement, the one with the red X. Also interesting about Maholm’s scar, from being hit in the head with a line drive in the minors.

Good SI article about Roberto Alomar and John Hirshbeck. I’m trying to read most of the articles in that issue, because they’re all so good. Neal Walk, even Dennis Rodman. Will be interesting to compare the Grady Little article to what Tim Wakefield said about him.

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