Tuesday, July 23, 2013

LOTH Trivia

Here’s an old round of trivia from Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee that I’d never written up. The players came and went: Alyssa, Haley, Elizabeth, Emily, Margaret, Craig, David, Mary, Denise, Kevin, and me.

1. COFFEE: Where does decal coffee come from? Brazil. I think we missed it.
2. MOVIES: What actor died shortly after filming The Dark Knight, where he played the Joker? David knew: Heath Ledger. Five points.
3. GREEK MYTHOLOGY: The name of the winged horse was called? Pegasus. Three points.
4. AMERICA: Where is Rockefeller University? New York. One point.
5. ASTRONOMY: What planet is closet to the sun? Mercury. An easy five points.
6. FAMOUS PEOPLE: What country is Arnold Schwarzenegger from? Emily knew: Austria. Three points.
7. HISTORY: In what month was Pearl Harbor attacked? December. Five more easy points.
8. SCIENCE: What is the first element on the Periodic Table? Hydrogen. Three points.
9. GEOGRAPHY: The Great Barrier Reef is off what continent? Australia. One point.
10. HALFTIME: A handout.
11. ANIMALS: How many appendages does a squid have? We said nine. Ten was correct. A two point miss.
12. FAMOUS PEOPLE: What country is Oscar Wilde from? Ireland. No one got it right, but I’m sure some teams only wagered two.
13. MOVIES: In what year was the last Harry Potter movie released? Emily knew: 2011. Six big points.
14. GAMES: How many pieces does a player start with in chess? Kevin knew: sixteen. Another six pointer.
15. SPORTS: Who won the 2010 World Cup? Spain. Four points.
16. DISNEY: In Peter pan, what were the names of Wendy’s two brothers? Michael and John. Two points.
17. CELEBRITIES: What is Jimi Hendrick’s middle name? Alyssa knew (Marshall), but she was over-ruled. Alyssa was steamed.
19. MUSICALS: What musical featured the song “The Street Where You Live”? My Fair Lady. Another miss.
20. MOVIES: What was Aunt Em counting in the opening scene of “The Wizard of Oz”? Chickens. We missed this?
21. FINAL: What were the top five most visited countries in 2011? We got the top three (France, USA, and China) but not Spain and Italy.

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