Wednesday, July 10, 2013

As the Car Search Turns

After church Sunday Will cooked chicken and made sandwiches with pepper jack cheese. MC was there, along with her big sister and little brother. Sunday night I skipped Ceil’s French Toast. Finished up the leftover salad and fruit from lunch, ate a yogurt, and had my usual filling bowl of hot-air popped popcorn. I did eat Ceil’s blueberry crisp, since no one else was eating it. So far I’ve stayed away from the homemade peach ice cream. I should eat the burger and not the bun. Of course, I’ve been eating a lot of buns lately.

At 7 am Monday morning I dropped A and M off down at PCC for their summer camp in Daytona Beach. There were eight busses lined up to take the kids.

Now that I have Ceil talked into buying a Toyota Venza, I am starting to lean toward the Kia Sorento. We can get a 2011 Sorento for the same price and mileage as a 2009 Venza. The Sorento sits up higher and isn’t as big, which Ceil would like better. Saturday I test drove a Venza. Anna thinks we should get C a $10,000.00 car and get Anna a $6,000.00 car.

Monday Ceil continued to paint the upstairs bathroom. Will began work in an Alpharetta doctor’s office. His hair is long, and he looks like a young doctor in a soap opera. Ceil was getting cleaned up when I got home from work. We went out to look at Kia Sorento’s. It’s hard to tell them apart. She picked a loaded Sorento V6 EX to test drive. We’ll probably get an LX 4 cylinder.

Back home Will grilled chicken for burritos. He and Ceil watched 24 on Netflix, and I researched cars on line. Then I crashed on the couch.  

Tuesday I stopped by the Kia place on the way home to do more checking. This morning I was reading how the gas mileage isn’t as good as advertised. This backs up Ceil’s brother’s similar claim. May have to resort to a Honda CRV. Ceil cooked salmon and green beans. I passed on the baked potato.

Watched the NFL Network’s three specials on the Packers’ three Super Bowl seasons. Bill Curry played in Super Bowl One, then was left exposed for the expansion draft. The Saints took Curry, Jim Taylor, and Paul Hornung. Hornung was hurt and never played a down. Curry was traded to the Colts, where he played in two more Super Bowls. I didn’t know all that about Hornung.

Tech has the worst shirts and fan apparel…most don’t look good. You can’t find any Tech stuff anywhere. That would be a good job for me! There is a place across from The Counter in Roswell they might have some stuff, next to Barbaritos. If my memory is right, my first number in peewee football was 23. Also in peewee basketball. I took the Mustang stamp from the envelope and put it in my calendar scrapbook.

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