Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tech to Throw Back

To celebrate Grant Field’s 100th season Georgia Tech is wearing throwback uniforms against Virginia Tech. Perhaps they’ll like them enough to wear them all year. Instead they’ll probably have a fresh set of weird-looking uniforms, that look nothing like any other decent-looking football uniform.

So many schools will be wearing ridiculous uniforms this year, like chrome helmets and such. Some will wear a different “uniform” every week. These days it’s more like costumes. You’ll turn on a game and not know who is playing. Many schools will have three or four different HELMETS. Makes me thankful for teams like Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. USC looks the same, but now they’re wearing burgundy shoes. perhaps that’s why they’re so bad. Even Penn State is altering their uniform and wearing names on the back of their jerseys. North Carolina’s uniforms are predominantly black. Not just tar heels any more.

Georgia’s uniforms will be a little different, with rounded numbers. Will take some getting used to.

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