Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Anna: Art Teacher

Anna is doing so well in her art classes that she’s been promoted to an instructor position. I don’t think she gets paid, but now her lessons are free. Coupled with her babysitting, she’s been pretty busy lately. Her friend Molly is spending the next month in Boston dancing at the Boston Ballet. Will’s classmate Christy is spending the entire summer in NYC dancing with the Rockettes. Her mother recently went up to visit.    

In 2008 when our 2000 van was wrecked, we had such a hard time deciding what to replace it with that we got the same van. Yesterday we went to the Toyota dealership so Ceil could look at a Venza. The Venza was parked next to a Rav4. Both are about the same price. The Venza is bigger, gets better gas mileage, and has more features. The Rav4 was redesigned for this year, so we’d be getting an old model. Ceil liked the Rav4 better. I like the CRV better than the Rav4. Now that Ceil and I are in our mid-50’s, shouldn’t we be driving older-people cars? But if Kelly Cuoco drives a Rav4, that might swing the deal. Ceil liked a 55,000 mile Prius that had a decent price, so maybe I’ll do some research on those. The Toyota visit was so frustrating and hot that I went upstairs after supper and read.

Didn’t even turn on the TV Monday night. Worked til five, and then met Ceil at the Toyota dealership in Roswell to look at cars. That always takes too long, and I was sweating from being outside so long in my work clothes. Got to the library before it closed at eight. Later supper was baked chicken and grilled asparagus. Didn’t eat much. Went upstairs to read Wakefield, and went to bed early.

Got to work Tuesday at 7:30. At 8:30 me and the Ogre drove to Woodstock to meet with a vendor. Just got back a little bit ago. Lunch at an Italian place. They held a gun to my head and made me eat a Stromboli.   

Several years ago I read “Summer of 49” by David Halberstam. Mainly about Yankees/Red Sox and Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle. Seems like just about every book I go to GoodReads to mark “want to read” (so I won’t forget) one of my other friends has already read it. Several of the Andy Stanley books. I have several books stacked up at home to read. I‘m trying to finish the Wakefield book. Watched the RA Dickey/Tim Wakefield movie/documentary on Netflix. Have a long way to go on Grisham’s Painted House. A friend gave me “56”, several Grisham paperbacks, and a book written by a former 1960 GT football player we know at Second-Ponce, Frank Sexton. The friend may give me Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven. I also have a alternate history book I’d bought on Amazon.

I hate buying stuff like Armor All, but I love to use it. While cleaning out the garage I discovered two cans of car cleaner my neighbor gave me when he moved. Then yesterday I ran over one of the cans.

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