Monday, July 15, 2013

Braves and Cars

Wednesday night Ceil and I rode out to Peachtree Industrial Blvd to look at Kia Sorentos. One dealership had just lowered their price a thousand dollars. We left there and I thought that would be the car we’d get. Back home I did more research, and began to worry about all the low MPG claims on the Sorento, as well as many other quality claims. There sure were a lot of 2011’s out there for sale.

Thinking I might buy a car, I took a vacation day Thursday. Ceil wouldn’t have to cancel her hair appointment. That morning I did more car research, and talked myself out of the Kia. That left the Honda CR-V, and I found three with good prices.

Wanting to sleep on my decision, I headed out to Turner Field. The sky was cloudy, with scattered raindrops. Got to the park earlier than usual, but the ticket line was already pretty long. Wore my cheap Dale Murphy jersey. At the front of the line Crazy Darryl had on the same jersey, and we waved at each other and smiled. Didn’t see John Parkes. Darryl’s mother ambled up, so I said hello. She wanted to break in line with me. Great. Talking to her I realized that she didn’t remember me. She is just one of those people who talks to everyone. She said she planned on conning the ushers into giving her two bobbleheads. Great. Then he other son (also named Darryl?) came up and wanted to break in line with us as well. As usual, it took forever for us to get our tickets and get into the ballpark.

I finally got in to watch batting practice. Had a nice long chat with Johnny. He caught a ball, but his friend Marshall and I were shut out. A fan announced that Freddie Freeman had won the Final Vote to earn a spot on the All-Star team, and the crowd in the outfield cheered. After BP I talked to my designated driver lady friend, checked out the game-used jerseys, and made it to my seat not too long before the first pitch. Passed the recently fired 790 DJ Chris Dimino. In the top of the seventh I walked downstairs and circled the park, and left in the top of the eighth.

Friday morning I worked on my calendar scrapbook. Friday afternoon I zeroed in on the two Honda CR-V’s up at the Mall of Georgia. Same price, same mileage, same color. One was a 2010 at the dealership that didn’t want to haggle. The other was a 2011 that another dealership wanted to move. I was able to buy it for $1,100.00 less than the 2010. Left work at four and drove through the downpour to the dealership. Test drove the car in the car. Had Ceil come up for her stamp of approval. She had just picked up A and M at PCC, and had to drive up I-85 in rush hour traffic. Left the CR-V at the dealership for some final detailing. Didn’t get home until after eight.

Friday Will and MC dressed up as cows and got free food at four Chickfila’s. That night we all put on spots (except Ceil) and went to Chickfila to eat. They even gave Ceil her soup free.

Saturday Ceil had some running around to do in the morning, then we left for Macon after lunch. Visited with my parents and ate at Cracker Barrel. I had the grilled turkey salad. Sunday I got a lot done around the house: some laundry, bill-paying, and cleaning. After church Will went to see MC’s Tarzan play in Peachtree City.

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