Friday, July 05, 2013

After the Race.

I was all ready for the rain, but there was no rain after I got off MARTA. Before the race I had two pieces of toast. Later I had some Cheerios, the some energy boosting pre-race jellybeans Will had picked up at the Expo.

After the race I drank three Powerades. Two were zero calorie. Fixed myself a toasted turkey sandwich. Looked on the computer and took a long nap. Our dog had kept me up part of Wednesday night. Hardly ate anything until supper.

Ceil made homemade healthy hamburger buns. Will cooked the low fat burgers. Also had grilled vegetables. I didn't eat many baked beans and just a few French fries.

Too tired to do much all day. Watched the Braves, cleaned off the table, and washed the dishes.Fireworks had been cancelled. C and A watched Footloose.

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