Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On the Town: Peachtree City

Left work Thursday at 4 pm and drove to Peachtree City. Met everyone there to see MC’s play: Tarzan, the Musical. MC is one of three girls in the chorus (she’s also Jane’s understudy). Similar to the recent Disney cartoon, scored by Phil Collins, if you’ve seen that.

Afterward we ate at Taco Mac. I didn’t get to bed until 1 am. While at Taco Mac on of the TV’s was showing a WNBA game…LA was playing Diana Turasi. During a timeout they were talking about Donne, but the sound was down. When Lang’s commercial came on I pointed it out to everyone.

More on Matthew: He’s has been hanging out a bunch with a girl from PCC. She lives 24 miles away, up in Canton (40 miles away from PCC). Ceil thinks she’s great. She helps out in the PCC nursery with Ceil. Last night M kept asking when we were going to SC. Later I found out why: he wants to take her up there.  

I finished The Racketeer, and am halfway through A Painted House.

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