Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Catching Up

With the internet down at home I haven’t been able to make blog posts. Here’s the catch-up post:

July 22: Ceil had fixed a BBQ brisket in the Crockpot, so we had that last night. Will went to a 4H event at Perimeter Mall to see MC’s brother, and Anna drove off to her Bible Study, so M and I had a quiet evening. I watched the Braves, but missed the Mets took the lead. Went to bed early and wound up sleeping late, since the dog didn’t come wake me up like he normally does. He stayed downstairs hoping Ceil would return.

Will took Mary-Clayton to Canoe. It was her last night off from Tarzan before he goes back to UGA next Monday. Earlier in the day yesterday Will asked me why I had driven the new car to work. I wondered why he asked. He drove my car down to Peachtree City. He probably wanted to drive the newest car, plus, it’s almost 200 miles from our house to Peachtree City back to Canoe, back to Peachtree City, then home. No wonder he wanted to borrow a car. At least he took the one with the highest MPG. Ceil said he was all dressed up when he left.  
Flying stand-by, Ceil made both her flights Tuesday: first to Salt Lake City, then on to Jackson Hole. Ceil’s longtime best friend Dawn, Ceil’s Matron of Honor in our wedding, who we sometimes visit in Fredericksburg (and she comes to visit us) – her oldest son Kirk is getting married out in Jackson Hole. Kirk recently graduated from William & Mary, and has a similar personality as Will. This summer he worked as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park so he could be near his fiancé. The newlyweds will probably settle in Denver…a long way from Fredericksburg. Dawn wanted Ceil to be with her all week leading up to the ceremony Friday evening.

July 24: Will and Matthew went with me to Olive Garden to eat with Sharon Langley, who coached Mighty Mites with me back in the day. She teaches at Dalton High, and has a daughter at UGA she’s trying to get involved in a campus ministry. A good visit, brought back plenty of good memories.

Wi-Fi is down at our house. Modem wore out. That model seems to only last a year and a half. Thinking about switching to Comcast internet.

When I returned from the week at the beach in June my customer shut down for inventory, vacation, and re-tooling. So after being so busy for years I actually had four weeks of quiet. Caught up on all my paperwork and had zero emails in my in box…a first. Now things are getting busy again, and a co-worker is out today and tomorrow, so I’ll be flooded.

July 25: With the internet / Wi-Fi down until next Tuesday, W and M went to Starbucks for an hour, then took Barney to the park. Anna was at the art studio in Sandy Springs most of the day. Wednesday night Will went down to Peachtree City again, and Anna went to a friend’s birthday party and slept over at her friends. I ate leftovers and baked a frozen pizza for Matthew, who didn’t want to do anything. I watched the replay of the Braves game, and read Grisham’s A Painted House.

July 27: Saturday Ceil woke up at 4 am and made the first flight out of Jackson Hole. When she got to Salt Lake she had an hour before her flight to Atlanta, but she noticed another flight was boarding right then. She got the last seat on that earlier flight, and landed at Hartsfield at 2 pm. When Matthew and I picked her up at 2:24 Ceil said she was ready for breakfast. Saturday night we went to Willys, and I had a little soft taco.

July 28: Sunday night we had homemade chili. Watched Invincible, about the Eagles. During the games the owner was standing on the sidelines, right behind the coach. The crowd booed when Dick Vermeil elected to punt late in the game. I was surprised the owner didn’t step forward to over-rule him. But the was the movie. Doubt the owner was so close during the actual game.

July 29: Had a busy Thurs and Friday with co-worker Dialysis out for medical tests and vacation. Sunday night his 18 year old totaled his car, so he’s out today as well. I was supposed to be off today, but my boss called and pleaded for me to come in. So C and A and MC are taking Will back to UGA without me. So I was super busy again today, not getting any of my regular work done, and my boss takes me out to lunch, in appreciation for coming in to work. When to Duluth Diner, where they have a great Philly chicken sandwich loaded with cheese. But I was good: had grilled chicken and a salad, with hardly any dressing.

C, A, and MC didn’t get home from Athens until after nine. Will’s new dorm room is ok. He has his own bathroom. But the dorm itself is palatial. Hardwood floors. Widescreen TV’s. Lots of places to study. At 8:30 I left to pick up Matthew. On the way I stopped at the dollar store and Kroger. On the way home Matthew and I stopped at Chickfila and a different Kroger.

Since Friday the new CR-V has gotten 30 MPG. We’ve driven to the airport and back, to Willy’s and back, down to Buckhead and back, and to Athens and back.

July 30: Got the internet set up at home…everywhere except on my laptop. Ceil was on her computer, so I didn’t get anything done. Was on the phone for 30 minutes with Comcast, who only wanted to sell me a service package. They didn’t even know what the problem was. Very frustrating.

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