Monday, April 20, 2015

Braves Win Series

Nice series win for the Braves. And they had a 4-0 lead in the game they lost. At least two calls went the Jays way. Reliever Jim Johnson gives up a go ahead dinger to the always-dangerous José Bautista. I bet Greg Maddux never gave up a home run in that situation. Still the Braves clawed back to tie and take the game to extra innings. Great play by Andrelton to hold the batter to a single on the ball hit past third base on the new super-slow field turf.

Friday I got in line for BBQ and the national CFO walked up behind me. Then I needed to sit next to our fabricator – who happened to be sitting next to the Atlanta GM. So the super-outgoing CFO and Southeastern VP sat at our table as well. We all had a nice chat. It came out that I was a GT grad, so many that was a good thing. Later I had a second helping of BBQ, so all afternoon I was too stuffed to do much work. I tried to keep plodding.

Stopped by Kroger on the way home and uncharacteristically bought $18 worth of groceries. M made buffalo chicken pizza, and C made pepper and onion pizza for us. Watched some of the Braves and some of a Steve Nash documentary, but I was sleepy so I went to bed. C had wanted to watch a movie so I found the Dustin Hoffman/Natalie Portman “Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” for her to watch.

Cleaned upstairs Saturday morning then went for a walk/run with Ceil and Barney. The neighborhood was having a yard sale. Several houses participated but we only stopped at an older couple’s house. We had been waving to the couple for years, so it was good to stop by and get to know them: Tom and Jane Hollaway. They attend Roswell Street Baptist and know some friends of ours. Jane collects Coke memorabilia so we talked about stuff like that. Every Christmas they set out a nativity scene, but I forgot to compliment them on that. Like us, Tom sees deer in their backyard – as many as a dozen at one time. Some woodland not far away had been cleared off, leaving them fewer places to go. Tom puts out corn and feed for them, and they don’t run away when he ventures outdoors. They gave Ceil a vintage round suitcase that I had to carry the half mile home.

Later I cleaned out Anna’s Jeep and loaded in the lawnmower to take for a tuneup. Met a bunch of characters at the mower shop, then I got my haircut and gassed up the Jeep. Watched some of the Braves then drove M to Alpharetta to meet a friend. Took my time driving home because C and A went out shopping. Stopped by Wendys and picked up a new shirt and a Chicago Cubs Kerry Wood garden gnome for my bobblehead collection. Watched the movie Interstellar that Anna had rented, then an episode of The Middle. Then I had to drive to Forsyth County to retrieve Matthew.

Two times on Saturday I felt like my back was about to go out. Then Monday morning climbing the steps to my office I could feel my back again. Not good.

Went to the 10 am service at PCC. Dan Cathy had spoken Saturday at a PCC seminar for volunteers. Back home Ceil cooked burgers, then I had to take M to church. Later I picked him up. Caught the last five minutes of the Hawks win. Worked some on the computer than went to bed early. Slept all the way through the night (except when Barney would wake us up). Had a dream just before I woke up this morning that a friend’s wife was in. A bunch of us were out driving on country roads heading to someone’s funeral. Best I can remember she was with Muhammed Ali.   

Saturday night May 2nd the Chattanooga Lookouts are giving away Harmon Killebrew bobbleheads. I haven’t decided if I want to go or if I even can.

Two commercials I like: when the two ladies try to outdo each other rolling their R’s while saying R words, like “meet my friend, rrrrrrrrr Ricardo.” Also the Enterprise Rental Car commercial where the girl gets her car delivered where her parents can see that she has a boyfriend. Later when she apologizes the Enterprise guy says “happens all the time.”

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