Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Family Circus

My Wednesday evening: worked until almost 6:30. Then the Chickfila on PIB for a free sandwich. Park Avenue on PIB for some $4.00 Under Armor running shorts. Over to the Johns Creek Goodwill to browse. Next door to Kroger for gas. Old Milton to Jones Bridge to McGinnis Ferry to Peachtree Parkway to a slow as molasses Wendy’s for a dollar chicken sandwich and free small Frosty. Up Peachtree Parkway to RaceTrac for a free drink refill and 5 more coupons for 20 more free sandwiches (for later, of course). Then to pick up M at his friend McKinnon’s house. Then I tried a new southern route out of her subdivision. One turn got me on what turned into Mathis Airport Road, which I took back all the way back across Peachtree Parkway to McGinnis Ferry to Windward Parkway under 400 and across Highway 9 past Cambridge High to Bethany Road and Hopewell Road and Redd Road, past the Hurt’s to Providence Road to the traffic circle to Birmingham Highway to drop off young Master Nobles at his house south of Birmingham. Might not have been the quickest route but I did catch a lot of lights. Then M wanted Taco Bell so it was south to Crabapple and east to downtown Alpharetta for a $1.50 five layer burrito, then finally home to East Cobb at 9:30. From the time I got gas in Ocee at 7:30 I drove 60 miles in two hours. Would make for a good Family Circus cartoon.

Got home and watched the end of The Breakfast Club with Ceil. Then I went to bed.     

One thing I noticed Wednesday night was the complete lack of civility and Southern hospitality people have these days. Foreigners come to our country from a life of fending for themselves, and have no problem barging ahead in a line of traffic or in a store full of shoppers. We all know what people that move to the South’s problem is – they’re Yankees! Others grow up learning to live off the government, thinking they’re entitled to move as slowly as they want, without thought of the people behind them, or that they should put other people ahead of themselves. I wonder what some of these people are taught in church.

Steven King’s 11/22/63 is being made into be a Hulu series starring James Franco as George Amberson. I can’t wait.

Jamie Gertz must be filming a TV show in Atlanta. Interesting that she was sitting on the front row of the Hawks game. Might as well go first class. To me she’ll always be Muffy Pepperman, the peppy preppy junior high student body president on the classic sitcom Square Pegs.

If Ceil never fixed sausage again I would be ok with that. When there’s chicken and ground beef and turkey and pork, I have no need for sausage in spaghetti sauce or as a substitute for hot dogs. Or for breakfast. That’s what bacon is for.

This morning’s 10 am meeting lasted all the way to the 11 am meeting, which lasted another 30 minutes. Not good on the last day of the month. I was able to voice my frustration and give a perfect example of how having to help people do things outside my job description takes time away from what I need to be doing and other projects my bosses want me to do. Teaching people in other departments stuff they should be able to do if they’d only take the time to figure it out for themselves - or learn from their own superiors. More than half the people go brain dead whenever they hear the words “Work Order”. Work orders are just made up of the regular orders that people deal with all the time. If anyone ever figures that out I will be toast.

REID: I got news for you. Christians can be the most impolite people there are.

I looked up the line on last nights game before the game. It was Hawks favored by 9. I thought that was WAY too many. Hawks finished by 9 !!! I still would not be surprised if Hawks lost next 2. Brooklyn is one of the best 8th seed teams the East has ever had in some time.

ME: Good point!

Vegas must figure that even real close games can go down to the last minute, the have the point spread widen when desperation possessions and shots don’t connect.

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