Sunday, April 05, 2015

End Times Easter

Shame that in his remarks about the Kenyan slayings, Obama did not mention that the killers were islamist terrorists or that the victims were Christians. Obviously omitted on purpose. If muslims say the killers are radicals, why don’t they call out their brethren?
Secretary of State John Kerry says the nuclear deal with Iran will get done “if allah allows” and gives an islamic gesture and bows. When the deal is done Iranians dance in the streets. Already Iran (whose stated goal is to destroy Israel) is saying the US is reneging on the deal.      

Christian bakers and florists and pizza restaurants are being sued, persecuted, and fined by the government for standing by their Christian principals, while muslim bakers in Dearborn Michigan refusing to bake wedding cakes for homosexual marriages get off scott free. Less than 20 protesters shut down Memories Pizza but almost 30,000 supporters donated almost $850,000.00 in less than two days to get them back on their feet. Yet the protesters still threaten and persecute Christians for their beliefs.
Should less than 2% of Americans dictate how the other 98% must live their lives? Rush Limbaugh put the issue into proper perspective, asking why homosexuals  demand that Christians MUST approve of their relationships while at the same time persecuting Christians for standing up for their relationship with God.

Yet none of this overshadows what we remember this weekend: Jesus Christ overcame death and the tomb. God raised him from the depths of hell to reign in heaven. Despite the ever-depressing world around us, for this we celebrate Resurrection Sunday.

ON THE HOMEFRONT:  Niece Katherine was stuck at Clemson for a long time Saturday at her livestock exhibition. The chicken she showed placed second Saturday morning, requiring her to stick around into the afternoon to compete against a pig, cow, dairy cow, and lamb. Evidently the pig was crazy and the lamb escaped from its keeper’s clutches and ran about, causing excitement and low scores.
Anna and her other nieces went exploring Saturday on Middleton land down near the ruins of the Lynches River bridge, where General Sherman’s army crossed on their return march north. Ceil drove her mother to Monroe. I washed two cars and walked Barney down the street to visit superwoman Susan and egg-dying toddler daughter Ryn.     

GOLF: Patrick Reed scored a hole in one at the Houston Open, then sprinted the length of the fairway to the green – racing his caddie across the long boardwalk…despite having sprained his right knee this past Sunday.  Reed should contend next week at the Masters, but rarely does the winner from the previous week don the green jacket. Keegan Bradley and Jordan Spieth are also peaking at the right time.
This will be 63 year old Ben Crenshaw’s last Masters. Tom Watson (65) will wait to take his bow next year. Good articles in the SI Masters issue about the two Watsons: Tom and Bubba.  

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