Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Kadeem Hardison: Thespian

I have some adidas shell toed soft spike golf shoes. They look similar to the basketball version. I'll have to check the size – they may be 11 as opposed to 12. BUT they are an updated version and not exactly like the Run DMC shoes that Kareem wore (Jabbar, not Kadeem Hardison from A Different World. But come to think of it, Hardison may have worn those Kareem shell toes as well). But at least they're close. M had the size 8 Kareem shell toes.

I didn't realize Hardison had such a storied career. He's been in numerous classics. From Wikipedia: Hardison was a starring cast member on the sitcom A Different World as Dwayne Wayne, and a regular cast member of K.C. Undercover and the short-lived sitcoms Abby and Between Brothers…He has also guest starred on several other sitcoms, including Living Single, Girlfriends, Under One Roof, The Boondocks (as himself), Greek, Parenthood, and on Everybody Hates Chris as the judge. His movies include School Daze, Def by Temptation, Vampire in Brooklyn, 30 Years to Life, Made of Honor, Escapee, The 6th Man, Drive, Renaissance Man, Panther, The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, Bratz, Biker Boyz, Who's Your Daddy?, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Blind Faith, Showtime and White Men Can't Jump. He also appears as an actor in the 2013 PlayStation 3 exclusive video game Beyond: Two Souls as Cole Freeman.

I see that White Hipster Jesus struck again last night. Lately I've been too busy for Twitter. I've gotten a few new followers, but they usually drop me when I don't follow back. I hate following too many people because I feel like I need to read every tweet. Some of these funny tweeters retweet so much it really clogs up my timeline. I may pare down now that the baseball season is starting. Twitter – seems like some people follow so many people that it would be impossible to read all the tweets, and they follow them to be nice or just to get the follow backs. As an old person I am way over-thinking this and/or just don't get it. Seems like the kids use Twitter and other social media for communication as opposed to news or jokes.

Yesterday I unfriended a high school acquaintance that constantly posts articles in favor of everything I'm against. Mercer graduate and Bibb County Board of Education employee – and an African American Notre Dame and Chicago Cubs fan. For a while it was interesting to see what the other side was reporting, but her volume had gotten too high. Not sure when she actually works, as she is always posting on Facebook. Several others had mentioned that they had unfriended her as well.

Monday Ceil went to check out a wedding spot in Dallas (just west of Marietta) that could be a leading contender. Looks like the date could be January 9, but nothing yet written is in stone. I'm sure a reader will quote this information as fact when I clearly said it isn't. Don't be that person.

Anna graduates May 15 and is having a party the next day with her two best friends at the Hargreaves farm in Milton. Matthew has been recruited to help park cars. Not sure what my role will be or who will be there. Will's school finishes before that but he may be in OK helping move MC home for the summer. On May 14 UGA gives away Alex Wood bobbleheads and I want to go, but I'm not sure I'll be allowed.   

Have you bought Braves tickets yet? Friday night July 3 is Star Wars night. If you buy the special Star Wars ticket deal you get a bobblehead of Kimbrel riding in a tie fighter (or maybe its an X wing). Only the special tickets get the bobblehead, kinda like last year's deal where the special tickets got us the 44 jersey. This weekend I bought 2 tickets to that July 3 game. I'm off that day but have to run in the Peachtree Road Race the next morning. Perhaps I will look for a costume so I can be in the parade. With my grey hair I can be old Obi Wan Kenobi. Smoltz bobblehead night in August is also a Friday night.

Other teams have tons of special ticket nights. The Cardinals seem to have one for every homestand. This year they're giving away a special ticket bobblehead series honoring a particular championship team: Ozzie, Herr, Jack Clark – even Ken Dayley.

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