Monday, April 13, 2015

Masters Weekend

Friday I was stuck in a pricing meeting all afternoon. Ceil had gone to the Scott Antique Market and Dekalb Farmers Market. I rushed home to see the Braves 50th season pregame, though it was delayed by the rain. Friends John and Marshal helped unfurl the huge American Flag for the anthem. Spent the evening flipping back from the Masters and the Braves. Exciting win to push their record to 4-0.

Friday night the Braves pregame show had to kill over 1-1/2 hours due to the rain delay. The actual ceremony was pretty short. At least they didn’t introduce the Mets bench. I was glad they introduced all the Braves because I had never heard of them either. Enjoyed Bobby Cox grabbing a bat and digging in the box when Schuerholz threw out the first pitch. You don’t see stuff like that very often. Great play by Simmons right after they showed the replay of him nailing the Met catcher last year.

Glad Braves Live got a girl to spell Jenn Hildreath, who is not my favorite. Paul Byrd looks like Harry Caray in those glasses he wears. Matt Diaz fits in well and does a great job. Hopefully Brian Jordan will be too busy to do many games. At least with Heyward gone Brian won’t be mispronouncing as many names this year. Speaking of Heyward, my Matthew saw Jason out on the streets of Cincinnati Thursday, talking to fans and getting yogurt with a teammate.  

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs past noon. I had been away from home the past several weeks and the house was a mess. When downstairs for lunch and to do laundry and watched the Masters pregame. Took to CRV for an oil change and car wash. Used my new metal bar to clean out the dirt from the grooves in the driveway – it worked easy and well. I popped corn and Ceil baked pizza for dinner. Watched the Masters and Braves.

I enjoyed watching the Masters on Saturday and Sunday after missing it completely on Thursday and Friday. Good kid that Spieth. After watching Phil last week in Houston I didn’t think he would contend at Augusta like he did. That’s why I moved him back to my second ten, although others (like Vegas) had him in their top ten. I had a hunch on Tiger and that Japanese guy. But Spieth, Rose, and Rory were my frontrunners.

Interesting that when the camera zoomed in close to the ball, you could often see Rory and Tiger’s Nike logo and Phil’s Callaway, but rarely did Rose’s ball show the TaylorMade logo. Cost them in the advertising department.

Went to the 10 am service at Passion with Ceil. The haphazard parking detail always bugs me, as did the guitar player wearing a Dodgers cap (but his Reebok Pump sneakers were nice). After the evening service I noticed worship leader Brett Yonker wearing a Braves cap, perhaps in response to his band-mate’s Dodger cap. But Yonker had the good sense to not wear the cap during the service. Louie preached a great sermon about being a light in the darkness. He wore white Chuck Taylors that contrasted with his dark jeans and black sweater.

Back home I raked the yard and blew the driveway. Ceil drove to Cumming to retrieve Matthew. Later she drove him to church. I watched the Braves and Masters. After the last group teed off on 17 and Tiger was being interviewed I drove down to get Matthew. After the 5 pm service PCC served up free Varsity dogs and burgers, so that was dinner for M and me. 

Back home we watched the AD show. Interesting that angels appeared as soldiers, and that one of these angel soldiers rolled the ston away from the grave. They did present the tomb as empty as opposed to having someone steal Christ’s body. Did not know that Mark Magdalene was black. I’m know Bible expert and I’m sure the show wasn’t made 100% accurately (and I didn’t watch intently every second of the broadcast, but perhaps it will do more good than bad.      

Also watched the show after AD, about the American soldier thought dead was trying to get home despite the government trying to kill her to suppress the sensitive information she carries – that an American corporation had given over $30 to the terrorist opposition.

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