Friday, April 24, 2015

SOME of the Highest Paid

The website did a horribly inaccurate job of compiling the “richest baseball players of all time.” Obviously they didn’t read the recent list I re-published of the top 20 highest paid pitchers of all time – a list that includes many names not on this list below, all of whom made more than $100 million in their careers. What about Roger Clemens? Greg Maddux? John Smoltz? Mike Hampton? 

Even if this list is dated the omissions make it wrong. There are twenty pitchers who've earned more than $120 million over the course of their careers.

Another reason the list isn’t worth looking at is the deluge of obscene advertisements literally surrounding the content you’re trying to read. Above. Below. Left. Right. Even between. Is this a sports website or a porn site? I can get inaccurate data other places, you know.

Another thing: the list ranks Glavine fifth with $120 million, BEHIND fourth place Manny at $110 and third place Randy Johnson with $115. One more example of why you can’t believe everything you read on the internet – especially those cheesy sports websites. Much better to stick to reliable websites like this one.

20. 70 Bobby Abreu
19. 72 Roberto Alomar
18. 75 Andy Pettitte
17. 75 Cal Ripken Jr
16. 75 Vernon Wells
15. 80 Carlos Beltran
14. 80 Mike Piazza
13. 80 Jim Thome
12. 80 Barry Bonds
11. 85 Ken Griffey Jr
10. 85 Mariano Rivera

9. 90 Gary Sheffield
8. 90 Albert Pujols
7. 90 Ichiro Suzuki
6. 110 Chipper Jones
5. 120 Tom Glavine
4. 110 Manny Ramirez
3. 115 Randy Johnson
2. 185 Derek Jeter
1. 300 Alex Rodriquez

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