Friday, April 03, 2015

Standoff on I-85

Another adventurous trip to SC. The gang picked me up at work right at 5 pm. I had another busy day but wrapped up everything pretty good. Boss left at 4:45 and missed meeting them. Right when the fam was arriving my phone started ringing off the hook and people were lined up at my desk asking questions – Murphy’s Law.
Fought traffic on northbound 85. When we were getting on the highway at the Sugarloaf/Old Peachtree interchange I had gotten over in the far left lane so I wouldn’t have to merge. The lane was moving slower than all the people in the right lane cutting ahead and merging left. At the last minute a redneck in a huge new white Ford F150 pickup forced his way in front of us, almost causing an accident. So I moved left to the next lane, but the pickup cut in front of me again. I had to slam on my brakes and Barney almost got flung from the backseat to the front. I moved left again but the pickup sped ahead. With his Hall County plates I knew he would be merging left to take 985. Later I could see him far ahead of me, continuing to cut others off as he made his way to the far left lane. When I have a new car I drive extra careful, but not this guy. Had I been driving the Jeep I would’ve let him hit me.
Drove up to Jefferson GA then over to Athens to eat with Will. Stopped at a BP for gas. Just as I was about to use my BP Rewards credit card for a 25 cent per gallon discount the cheap-o Indian store operator cancelled the transaction. He must’ve seen my demonstrative response because he came outside trying to apologize. The last time I had tried to gas up at this particular BP I also had a problem to took too long to resolve. With an anxious Barney in the car I was trying to hurry, and I didn’t want to go inside just to get the rewards. It will be the last time I stop at that BP.
Picked up Will and ate at ChickfilA. Since Barney goes crazy sitting in parking lots I stayed in the car. Reminded me of the Ralph Kramden comment. Almost nodded off. Posted to my blog since I wouldn’t have the chance later. We got back on the road and made decent time the rest of the way. Would’ve made 32 MPG in the CRV had we not stopped in Augusta for a bathroom break.
With not too much going on this weekend I’m working a half day today and tomorrow to catch up on some work.

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