Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wimbish Road

Frank and neighbor Trey Futch in front of home at 669 Wimbish Road.

Thursday night Ceil made pizza. Later I drove out to pick up M near the Avalon at a girl A's house he was doing homework with.

Friday night I drove M and girl B up to Cumming for their concert. On the way we stopped at RaceTrac for boiled peanuts and Goodwill to kill some time. At Goodwill I found a vintage Beatles tie on the counter, so I took it to show Matthew. A lady followed me and said that she was buying the tie. I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to buy the tie so I didn't mind handing it back to her. It had been on the counter with another item, but no one was close by. I thought the episode was funny. During the concert I drove back to Alpharetta to look at FitBits and return an item to Target. Picked them up and we made a Waffle House run while waiting for girl B's dad to pick her up.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs: our room, M's room, and Anna's room. Will helped me get the clothes out of the attic and I swapped out winter clothes for summer. Loaded my back seat with clothes to give away. By the end of the day I was exhausted from all the standing and bending over. Will and Ceil worked downstairs and outside, and later cooked burgers. I crashed on the couch and watched The Middle. I also watched the Hawks lose to the officials (and the Nets). Looked to me like all the calls were going against Atlanta. Sure, their shooting went cold, but the officials sure didn't help. Ceil drove M to girl C's house (McKinnon).

Sunday I was sore and my back hurt, but I tried to finish changing out the clothes. Ceil cooked Anna's favorite burritos for lunch. Later I drove M down to PCC. 

Monday morning I had a toothache. Probably need a root canal. With all this soreness and pain at least my shoulder doesn't hurt.
Braves closer Jason Grilli has already broken the team record for most saves in April. The record he broke was not Craig Kimbrel or John Smoltz's, but the iconic Dan Kolb's. The ex-Brewer's performance promptly went downhill – so fast that I'm not sure he was with the team at the end of May. 

Speaking of Smoltz, a friend saw him at their daughters' volleyball tournament. My friend posted a picture of his daughter and Smoltz, calling them two of his favorite pictures. I almost asked him where Will stood in his ranking.

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It is Wimbish Road!!