Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Weekend Recap

Friday I left work a little early to make it to the Sandy Springs game. Mercifully the blowout games went quickly, and I made it on time to our small group. When I arrived the three other men were outside shooting baskets. It took me a minute to find the basket, then I made a nice shot to bounce two guys out from a game of PIG. They want to play more often. One of the guys had never accepted Jesus as his Savior, but had been coming to small group with his Christian wife. Saturday we heard that he finally became a Christian.

Saw some of the Dawgs on Saturday after cleaning upstairs all day, then we hit Costco and Moe’s. I had forgotten my wallet, so I gathered all my change and was counting it on the way in. As we finished eating while watching the UGA game, I noticed the sign in the window…I had forgotten about the “buy a $20 gift certificate, get a $5 gift card” promotion.

Good sermon Sunday about what to do when being judged…as Christ did even on the cross, we are to forgive. Played Monopoly with Anna and Matthew, then went to pick up Will from his retreat. Took his classmate Abby home as well, and on the way remembered Ceil was eating out with friends. Will and Abby ran in to say hello, then I came in after parking the car. All the women loved the visit.

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