Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tech Coaching Vacancy

Looks like the GT AD wants a young guy who can also relate to the older GT alumni…and 50 may be too old. That rules out Bobby Cox! I don’t think the AD cares if the new coach has ever been a head coach before, but it doesn’t sound like defensive coach Tenuda has much of a chance. With Michigan, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Duke, GT, and Arkansas all needing new coaches at least, GT isn’t the most attractive school for a coach.

Many of those candidates listed only had one or two feathers in their cap. Cuttcliff had ok success at Ole Miss, which is a hard school to win at. He’s great at developing QBs…Eli Manning, Erik Ainge, but doesn’t seem the type to rally around. That Johnson guy at Navy sounds good, but why would he come to GT…he’ll probably get better offers elsewhere. The Florida defensive coordinator is a great recruiter, but I’d rather have an offensive guy (then perhaps Tenuda will stay). The UConn coach Edsel may be good, but please not the FSU offensive coordinator. The best pick to me is the Ga Southern coach Chris Hatcher, but he’s only been there a year.

In a related note, last night I bought my dad a gold Georgia Tech golf shirt for Christmas.

I know I didn’t do well last week on my picks, with the Giants and Titans and Cardinals all losing. I’m not good at tracking it.

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