Monday, November 26, 2007

UGA / GT Game Notes

Saw the kicker grab his hamstring on a kickoff,
so it was no surprise Andy Bailey kicked (and missed).
Dropped pass on first play of the game would’ve been an easy TD
& swung momentum GT’s way.
Worst pass interference penalty ever called led to a UGA TD.
Booker didn’t step into throw, leading to a short throw & an interception.
GT CB makes a heads up play to pick up lateral, and then fumbled the ball back instead of setting up GT first and goal…another touchdown blown. On next play GT is called for a personal foul: another dumb GT play.

GT backup QBs hadn’t played enough to be ready for a tough game situation.
Putting Booker in to pass and Nesbit in to run made it easy for UGA to defend.
GT dropped 3-4 passes, which didn’t help.
If Gailey is to be fired, they don’t need to wait till after the Emerald Nut Bowl.

Paul Maguire only stated the obvious and wasn’t needed in the booth,
with Nessler & Greise there.
Don’t they know that all year the previous announcers have said the same thing?
Same thing with Clemson games and Boston College games.
Nice for Munson to call some plays, but dumb for overcoat-wearing Zeire to sneak in a comment on national TV…he just doesn’t represent UGA like a Buck Belue would.
Great to have Nessler calling games in Atlanta…
…like having Al Michaels call a game in San Francisco.

Kentucky blew an easy chance to win their game.
Miss State’s comeback to beat Ole Miss made it a good game to watch.
Same with Hawaii/Boise…hard-hitting play by DBs after catches.

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