Monday, November 12, 2007

More on David Wright & Chipper

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Wright made 21 errors! That's one every 7.6 games. Zimmerman made every 7 games. No one else played as much. Ramirez only had 10 errors in 126 games. Chipper had 9 in error every 14 games.

The Mets had a losing record in games Wright made an error. Sure he made spectacular plays, but the fact he plays in the Big Apple means he makes WebJems more often.

Range factors, I don't know. But fielding percentages and errors per game don't lie. Everyone's not Cal Ripken. We'll see how Wright and Zim hold up when they're 35!

I don't know who should win the Gold Glove. I just think fielding awards should be based on fielding...not hitting, popularity, or anything else.

Back in the late 90's it did look like Chipper was juiced. He was a lot bigger than he'd been in earlier years. The last few years he's looked smaller. He's been hurt, but he's played through most of the hurts - and compiled amazing offensive stats...particulary Batting Average and OBS (among the top 2 or 3 in baseball).

With Smoltz, he's the unquestioned team leader. As a switch-hitter he ranks only behind Mantle and Murray, and ranks among the greats in many categories, like consectutive years with 100 RBIs. Many experts say he'll be a first-ballot HOF-er after another year or two.

Few major leaguers are perfect, but I'll keep Chipper. As I've said, us Braves fans certainly respect Wright, he's a great kid. For baseball's sake, hopefully he'll keep doing what he's been doing for many many years.

For the Braves' sake...don't the Yankees need a third-baseman?

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