Monday, November 19, 2007

Dave Matthews Acts!

Friday night Ceil couldn’t find Rattatooie to rent, so we wound up watching “Because of Winn-Dixie”, which wasn’t terrible. Jeff Daniels, Cecily Tyson, the bubble-gum chewing girl from “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” - and Dave Matthews. Afterwards I read a review of the movie...Matthews received good marks.

We’ve been trying to go on more walks around the neighborhood. Matthew and Anna need the exercise, so we make Will go along as well. When I get home from work and change clothes many of my winter outfits are all black. The other night it was chilly, so I pulled out a little-worn Nike running vest that I’d received as a Christmas present. Nice, but lime green. Anna in particular laughed at my appearance. Yesterday morning on the way to church we passed a group of runners. Anna excitedly exclaimed “there’s daddy’s vest!” Sure enough, one of the runners had on the same vest. LOL.

Sunday afternoon I was clipping my hedges and was standing in my next-door neighbor’s side. Will was blowing our leaves, and was playing nicely with Matthew. I had a great view of Matthew’s friend Quinn characteristically bolt out his front door and race across the street to our house. I told Matthew to hide in the leaves. Quinn briefly stopped to chat with Will, before running into our garage to knock for Matthew. Eventually Ceil escorted him back outside to look for Matthew, who was still hidden in the leaves. We encouraged Quinn to jump in the big pile, and he finally found Matthew.

Last night we had a Thanksgiving dinner with our small group. Ate too much, of course.

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