Friday, November 16, 2007

Ballet Blues

Think Anna is a little frustrated with ballet. She’s always done a good job with it and seems to do the right things at the right time, and she does it with a graceful smile (in the recitals, anyway). But she’s never chosen for the featured parts, and I think that’s getting to her. Maybe a little touchy about being seen in her leotard, Ceil says. We’ll see.

Won a Chick-fil-A Bulldog Pack from WSB…a tray of nuggets, 2 gallons of tea, UGA T-shirt, seat cushion, etc. Today I didn’t win the Hannah Montana tickets that Anna wanted…guess you can’t win them all.

Got home from basketball at 10:45 last night, then figured out we needed milk, so I ran to Kroger. When I got back I saw it was the Letterman with Seinfeld and Torre, so I watched most of it. Now I remember Joe and Dave went out on the street to play…I missed that. Torre said following Seinfeld was like hitting after Hank Aaron. Nothing was said about Jerry being a Met fan. When asked about the Aaron / Bonds thing, Joe said that Aaron didn’t start out as a HR hitter, and that Bonds won 4 MVPs “before he got big.”

Interesting in the college basketball SI in the front there’s a thing about having essays on Sportsman of the Year candidates…along with Tony Dungy, Big Papi, Peyton Manning, etc, there’s a picture of Hank Aaron. This morning when I heard a WSB AM-740 poll showed 94% of listeners weren’t surprised about Bonds being indicted, I laughed.

Will has a game at 3 tomorrow. Nothing else on tap…need to clip hedges.

I don’t normally, but today I read all the comments bashing Gailey on the AJC after Bradley took his shots.

Wren denied the Lowell rumor. McGuirk says there’s more money. Hampton threw well. Prospects are doing well in Arizona. Good times. Doesn’t surprise me that ARod’s closing in on a deal with the Yankees, but it’s real interesting that he did a lot of it without Boras. Perhaps Tex should take note, though he’s in a different boat, you think? Andruw did something similar, and Maddux and Glavine and Smoltz did similar things.

In that Intimate Encounters class they suggested having a planning weekend getaway every year. Several couples that took the class have done so, so maybe Ceil and I will go somewhere in January, to set family and financial goals, etc.

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