Thursday, November 08, 2007

Eating Habits (Mine Need to Change!)

We’ve only been to Nuevo twice, though we hit the nearby El Porton more often, and Moes more than that. Ceil likes Chipotle now but I don’t. We rarely go anywhere else…P. F. Changs or Canoe for special occasions, and O’Charleys only when Ceil’s parents are in town. I wouldn’t mind a burger place…I’ve never been to Fattburger or Five Guys or a place like that, though I’ve heard mixed reviews. Lunches are more rare these days…usually Fuddruckers or a sports bar every now and then with the Ogre.

Ceil loves red meat. We rarely eat burgers or steak…it’s mostly chicken and pasta or potatoes or rice. It’s hard for me to resist…I should be the one only eating salads and vegetables and fruits, cereal, and yogurt, if that. I could lose 20 pounds myself.

Read in SI where Bill Buckner re-created his famous ’86 Series error in the sports spoof movie The Comebacks…so his actress daughter could get in the movie.

Loved how SI picked the best player for each height. I could stare at that foldout for hours. Jordan’s head appears ‘older’ than he was when he wore the original red & black Jordans. I thought Kareem wore adidas even when he played for the Bucks. Spud’s multi-colored shoes were Ponys…I don’t recall a star on the tongue. Interesting that several players were wearing their college unis, where they were more famous…Walton, Sampson, Bing, Murphy, Boykins. Sean Bradley and Chuck Nevitt and Manute Bol certainly have had a long 15 minutes of fame.

Nice win for the Hawks, even with Joe Johnson not leading the way. I was worried that they get into a losing funk after a few losses.

It’ll be interesting to see if Glavine were to struggle next year what will be said, considering how many in the media support his return. Nice that Frenchy won the Gold Glove…and didn’t take his cell phone on his honeymoon. Guess they got married at Peachtree Presbyterian because they wanted a nice place that could hold a lot of people…but 500 wasn’t that many.

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