Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Welcome Reader Number Eight!

Got a call yesterday from an old coworker friend who lives in Little Rock. He’s done a better job than me at keeping up, but it’s once-a-year at best. He had heard of the sale of the company and Googled for details. At the bottom of the page was a link to one of my blog posts, with details of the sale. When he saw the photos he figured out it was me.

It’s great that he sees my blog, but I wasn’t crazy about the easy Google link for other co-workers, so I deleted the post. It still comes up on Google, but when you click on it doesn’t go to my blog.

How many readers now? Gee, I lose count. At least eight!
To celebrate, a list...

My Top Web Sites
Uni-Watch Blog…daily updates on uniform stuff. Paul also writes for…how I read the paper most days. Dave O’Brien is the best.
Rowland’s Office…there are several Braves blogs out there. I hit this one daily.
MyCokeRewards…I always have caps to put in. Nice when the kids help.
PluggedInOnline…informative Christian movie reviews, a must have with kids.

Visits are rare, but sweet…
Fox Sports…my Tilting Windmills blog is here, though I rarely post. Too slow!…there’s a great game called “Spaced Penguin”…an easy place to look up consumer info.
HGTV…every January I check out the Dream Home.
SLAMonline...the Links reveal a different world to me.

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