Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Hometown

Anna and ballet…yesterday she didn’t want to go to an extra class because she wanted to watch the big Oprah Favorites show. She and Ceil usually don’t watch Oprah. Today she’s unveiling the new American Girl doll, and Hannah Montana is on as well. You may have heard Oprah filmed yesterday’s show in Macon, in the beautiful City Auditorium, restored not long ago. I actually played my first recreation basketball games there.

Speaking of Macon, last night I saw pictures from the reunion I had missed…more on that later! As expected, there were very few from my old crowd there. Three basketball players who were good friends showed up…it would’ve been nice to see them, as well as one close friend who’d only been back for one reunion.

Nice family comments from Glavine at his press conference.

Over the weekend I may write a lot, then post it all Monday when I'm back under more normal conditions. Missy, is that proper blogging etiquette?

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