Monday, November 12, 2007

Friday Flight Blowouts

Both the Flight JV girls and boys beat badly overmatched Bridgeway teams Friday afternoon. Bridgeway’s squads were mainly built with younger players filling out the school squad, compared to Flight’s home-schooled students who specifically signed up for basketball. Due to the Living Science TSL retreat, both Flight girls and boys fielded seven players, and still the best two players stayed on the bench for most of the game, including the entire fourth quarter.

The Flight girls won 55 – 12. The Bridgeway girls matched up size-wise, but like their boys team, didn’t even sport basketball shoes.

The Bridgeway boys took the court with only one 9th-grader, the rest 7th and 8th-graders. With DJ on the retreat with Will and Joel, I expected to see a big game from Conner. He would bring the ball up and was left open for three-pointers. Because of the lack of defensive pressure Conner missed many shots, but most of the time dutifully ran the offense and passed. He only played parts of the first and third quarter, finishing with 10 points, 2 rebounds, and an assist.

In this game young Isaac played second-fiddle, running the show the rest of the game without another good ball-handler on the court. He does well as the shooting guard, but hung in on the point, scoring 8 points, with 2 rebounds and 2 steals. Isaac plays with Conner and Holt on the younger middle-school team, which must really be good.

Holt was the tallest one on the court and had his way inside, grabbing 15 rebounds. Unfortunately many of the boards were from his own misses, as he had trouble putting the ball in the hole. Finishing with ten points, Holt played the entire game and had 4 steals, but missed all four free throws. Jordan, another big man, didn’t score but had 6 rebounds. Older center Josh started the game but was pulled out with Conner. He still blocked a shot and scored six.

Like Will, Max hasn’t much experience, but hustles. This was a good game for him, as he went the whole way, grabbing seven rebounds. Newcomer Ethan wasn’t afraid to shoot or drive, and he scored eight points.

Bridgeway’s ballhandlers were much smaller than the Flight defenders, and couldn’t penetrate or work the ball inside. As such they only scored one basket the entire game. They added one foul shot in each quarter, making the final score 42 – 6.

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