Monday, November 26, 2007

Top Five All-Time College Football Players

The last five they’ve added…
10. Vince Young. Better than Vick, but no Teabow.
9. Roger Staubach. Won the Heisman at Navy
8. Bo Jackson: Correct top ten pick.
7. Tony Dorsett: Had him on earlier lists.
6. Jim Thorpe: Correct top ten pick.

Here's my updated Top Five:
5. Ricky Williams: broke rushing record.
4. Tommy Frazier: won 2 national championships.
3. John Hannah: greatest lineman ever.
2. Barry Sanders: a sure top 5 pick.
1. Herschel Walker: a sure top 5 pick.

Teabow could be up here before it's all over.


Webconsul470 said...
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Webconsul470 said...

I think Red Grange has to be there as he really made the game.

David said...

I had Red on there earlier...but did he not really make his mark as a pro?

I am having second thoughts on Rickey Williams. Perhaps Sammy Baugh or Doak Walker?