Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thursday late-morning traffic through town was heavy but not gridlocked, though south of town it was slow through McDonough. No one brought dressing for Thanksgiving dinner, so I was at Kroger ten minutes before we were to eat. Didn’t get to see much Thursday football, but made up for it the next two days.

Left the gas station in north Macon at 8:40 pm Thursday and drove non-stop to Jefferson, arriving at 1:05 am. Nice cut-through to I-20 via Gray, Eatonton, and Lake Oconee. When we got on the interstate and saw we were 73 miles from Augusta, I was able to calculate exactly when we would arrive…and we did. Jefferson is 30 miles closer to my parents in Macon than our house in Marietta! Ceil saw a group of deer on the side of the road.

Didn’t move the car for two days. Saturday at 5:30 I went outsides and noticed something had leaked out from under the van…antifreeze. The reservoir was nearly empty. Sunday morning we called a local shade-tree mechanical…turned out to be the water pump. We ran up to Advanced Auto Parts to get the last one they had, and $120.00 later it was fixed.

Saw a gaggle of 25 wild turkeys in a field Sunday morning as well. Instead of leaving around ten, we didn’t leave until two, making traffic was much heavier…particularly at the I-20 & 285 interchange.

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