Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving Already?

It’s turning out good that Will joined a good team even though he’s never played…more of a challenge. He could’ve played at a lower level and I don’t think it would’ve turned out as good. Against tougher teams he may not get to play as much, but the coach has been good about letting the newer guys get lots of playing time and not running up the score.

It’s been good to have so many friends and classmates on the team…DJ, Conner, Joel, Holt, Jonathan…it’s helped us get to know those families better as well. There won’t be many games, but that’s no big deal.

Yep, it’s been a while…I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week…I’m looking forward to it. It was good that Ceil got to go to Robert’s funeral, she needed the break. I felt bad about not being there too, as much time as I’d spent with him over the years. As it turned out, Will could’ve stayed with the Normans, but we didn’t think about that.

Will has the chance to play a lot of baseball this spring, but he doesn’t seem excited about playing several times a week. He needs to if he wants to keep getting better. We’ve got to let the teams know.

I’m doing ok…things are slow at work but will heat up in February, and next summer my job will change. Met with my boss. He thinks highly of me, so hopefully it’ll be good.

Clemson’s been doing good…big game this weekend. Harper may be the best QB since Fuller and Jordan when it comes to winning. We’ll see if GT keeps Gaily after the season…they may let him go. They need someone to fire the team up. Gaily is supposed to be good at developing QBs, but he hasn’t had one get any better yet.

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