Thursday, November 08, 2007

Eating Out

Took Tuesday off to give Ceil a break, but I actually got a decent amount of rest. We went to a J. Christopher’s for breakfast…it appears to be quite the East Cobb meeting spot.

In the afternoon Ceil took the kids to Living Science and visited the Hurts (13 year-old Haley and 9-year old Matthew are still best buddies). I worked on the mountains of winter / summer clothes that need to be changed out. Matthew is finally growing into Will’s hand-me-downs, so he’s loaded with “new” clothes to wear. As usual, Anna has no winter clothes to wear…she’s been growing as well. Ceil fixed that with a trip to Target.

Tuesday night the whole family went down to Nuevo Laredo Cantina off Howell Mill for a good dinner. We were almost home when I discovered I had dropped my nice black Callaway golf pullover under the table. Were it some other piece of clothing I might had let it go, but today at lunch I trekked all the way down there to recover it. Would’ve ordered take-out, but we already had two take-out containers full of leftovers.

Big meeting Thursday wih KR, our new (& old) VP. We’ll see if they let me stay in the meeting.

I still feel a little weak, but better. I’ve been trying to eat less to lose weight. My excuses for not exercising include trying to get more rest to get over this sickness, and now the cold.

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