Friday, November 02, 2007

Sick Days

Tuesday I had the sniffles and a cough. You never think it’s as bad as you sound, though I try to be mindful of co-workers. Hate to take sick days. If I’m sitting at my desk, even if I’m not working like crazy, stuff doesn’t pile up as much. Over the weekend I had felt worse, with aching joints, etc. Was feeling better Sunday afternoon (most afternoons the last week have felt better than mornings). But a couple of co-workers said I didn’t look very good Tuesday morning. I knew there was a lot going on at home and I wouldn’t get much rest, so after eating lunch with the Ogre, I went home.

Took all the kids up to Living Science for Anna’s class while Ceil ran errands and sewed Halloween costumes. Visited with the Hurts…Margaret isn’t able to do much due to being worn out from the treatments. Took a quick nap, then ran Will to basketball. Ceil had her last Bible Study. Will was getting sick as well.

Wednesday I got up, got ready, and started driving to work…mainly because it was the last day of the month. There wasn’t that much going on, particularly because we already had month-end on the 19th. I remembered the afternoon traffic jam that Halloween always is, at that was the last straw…I turned around, drove home, and went back to bed. Never even called in.

Lots of workers at the house, putting on the primer coat. Hard to sleep with all the noise, but I actually rested most of the day. Only went out once for a quick trip to Kroger for drugs. Saw the end of “Fever Pitch” Will dragged out the winter clothes to complete a Halloween outfit, so I organized half of that. Ceil took the kids out trick or treating…we only had a few at our house…less than ever. Anna decided to be a reindeer, and convinced Matthew to be an elf. Will actually stayed home. Guess he gets what wasn’t passed out.

Better today, though still weak. Talked Ceil out of going to SC this weekend…bad move. House is a wreck, and we have two things Friday, one on Saturday, and two on Sunday. Will is better, but Anna and Matthew are coughing as well.

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