Friday, November 21, 2014

Divided Loyalties

At work there’s not a huge consensus for a favorite football team. Loyalties are spread pretty thin. Even the always popular Georgia Bulldogs don’t have a huge following. I started with my office, added other workers in the building, and then others throughout the the Southeast.  

Alabama: Debby, Amanda
Arkansas: Tim, James 
Auburn: Tim
Central Florida: Chris 
Clemson: Marsha 
Cowboys: Wanda’s husband
Duke: Andy 
Falcons: Greg 
Florida: Steve 
Florida State: Eric 
49ers: Darryl 
Georgia: Sandra, Andrea, Damon, Doug
Georgia Southern: Clayton 
Georgia State: Dennis, Andrew
Georgia Tech: Thomas, Jeff 
Houston: Kaye 
LSU: Dick
Louisiana Tech: Jeff
Miami: Steve
Missouri: Jim
North Carolina: Gloria
NC State: Brian 
Ohio State: Sue, Rob 
Panthers: Eric 
Patriots: Sue, Joe 
South Carolina: Steve 
Steelers: Kevin
Tennessee: Jon 
Texas A&M: Keith, Alan, Ben  
Valdosta State: Alex
Wisconsin: Dale 

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