Friday, November 14, 2014

Red Letter Day

Today Auburn must have "played" Georgia's Equestrian team, because Will met up with our longtime friends the Hurts in Athens. Cancer-survivor Margaret (above) is a freshman for Auburn.
But the big news today is Anna's early acceptance into UGA - a feat Will (and few high school students) achieve. Only about half of all early applicants are accepted, and the election criteria is quite tough. More on all this later, but Anna is thrilled. Her best friend Emily (above) was also accepted.

Last Saturday ESPN profiled Clemson WR / Army vet Daniel Rodriguez again for Veterans Day. Showed him with his purple Heart and Bronze Star – and Orange Bowl ring. Even if GT beats Clemson they might not move ahead of them in the rankings. Duke is also ahead of GT but could drop with a loss to FSU in the ACC Championship Game. Highest ranked ACC team not in the final four plays in the Orange Bowl, so GT has a slight chance. Beating Clemson will be tough.

Schools like Georgia really push their study abroad programs. Supposedly serious schoolwork but probably a glorified vacation. Lyla Toholsky is headed to Europe in the UGA study abroad program, in January I think. My niece went to Europe this past summer as part of the Gwinnett College program. The Lady Dogs probably got class credit. Probably paid for by the university, athletic department, and perhaps Nike. Speaking of Nike, in 2015 they will be outfitting the Tennessee Volunteers. Big loss for adidas.

Was checking out the Oglethorpe basketball schedule. In December they are traveling out to Tacoma Washington to play.

Looks like I’m going to the GT/Clemson game Saturday, AND next week’s Clemson/Georgia State game.

Wednesday night Ceil cooked black beans and rice. I cleaned up until my back hurt.

Loved that Oregon touchdown where the Utah player dropped the ball before crossing the goal line. The Utah player went to the same high school as a Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver who, years ago, made that very same mistake.

Replay may expand in MLB. We’ll see how the new commissioner changes things. Did you know that Bud Selig never sends emails? I know more about computers that he does. In retirement he is writing a book and teaching a college course.

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