Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lots of Leftovers

Took off Monday afternoon and did more cleaning. Anna was able to pick up M from school, which worked out well since Ceil’s plane landed early. Picked her up at the North Springs MARTA station. Anna had a babysitting gig in our neighborhood, so we didn’t go out to eat for C’s birthday until after that. She wanted to go to Chuy’s at Perimeter Mall, but that was too far. Moxie Burger was closed, so we went to the old standby El Porton. We were the only customers in the main dining area. There was only one guy at the bar. C and I shared a combo plate. Since it was so late I didn’t eat much. M and A should’ve shared but ordered separate. Brought home more than we ate: two soft tacos, two enchiladas, a burrito, beans, chips, and salsa. We had a good time.   

Ceil brought me a small Obama bobblehead doll for my collection. Since my dresser is already full, I put it away in the closet with my other stored bobbleheads.

The Eagles wore their green jerseys last night for the first time this year. The past two seasons their green jerseys were made from fabric from the pre-Nike era. That means it took Nike three years to get the Eagles green color right. There’s a rumor the Eagles will switch back to the Chuck Bednarick-era Kelly green uniforms. The Packers are still using the pre-Nike fabric (except this coming weekend, when they’ll wear their navy ACME Packers throwback uniforms).

A lot of sickness going around. Forecast calls for cold weather Saturday for the GT/Clemson game. Anna’s cousin is talking about going shopping with her grandmother instead of the game, so there may be a ticket for me after all. Clemson’s freshman QB is expected to play, making a Tech win much tougher. The noon kickoff means I’ll be able watch GA/Auburn as well, and the end of Bama/Mississippi State.

Saw a photo this weekend of Kelly Clark Lewis Vonfeld with John Condra. David Hall was in the background. From the Ron Watts 60th birthday party.

Last Friday morning I was downstairs and noticed a small 9” brown snake in the house, near the corner of the rust-colored area rug we recently brought back from South Carolina. Had to kill it quick before it crawled away.

The new Sports Illustrated has a big photo of Caroline Wozniacki finished the NYC Marathon. She runs 26.2 miles in 3:26, the first time she’s run further than 13 miles – and the moment is hogged by spectator Serena Williams (unable to applaud because she’s holding her smart phone – that’s turned on. Williams’ could hardly take herself away from her phone to grab Wozniacki’s spotlight.
A guy I know did some plan to cut out dairy/pasta/bread/sugar for 30 days and lost 28 pounds.

Repeat/embellishment: Sat next to Greg McMichael at the parent’s meeting last Thursday night. Didn’t really have a chance to talk to him. He was wearing some huge, clunky hiking boots. We didn’t hold hands during the prayer. 

Friday night after M’s school barn dance NP’s Bill Willits introduced himself to me. Afterwards I laughed at myself - I “blew” the introduction, mentioning how a few years ago I had chaperoned his daughter Bailey on a totally uncool Living Science trip. Bailey seemed to enjoy the memory, though, exclaiming “throwback!”

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