Friday, November 07, 2014

Back and Forth

Wednesday Ceil's good friend Nancy's 89 year old mother Jean passed away. Ceil and Noelle went down to be with Nancy.

Thursday was an on-the-go day. Drove M to school in north Roswell at 8 am. Saw Will's classmate Haley Hughes at Chickfila.

Drove home, picked up Ceil, and went out for a late breakfast in Roswell at the Thumb's Up Diner. The place is always packed on weekends, and only serves breakfast and lunch. It's across from the new Pure restaurant near the French Cafe. Ceil got a Denver omelet and grits. I got two fried eggs over their potato/onion/peppers in a skillet. For lunch they have burgers, sandwiches, salads, and an old times meat and three menu - also vegitable plates.

Drove Ceil home, then drove back to M's school to deliver some forgotten items. Then drove back to East Cobb to renew Will's car tag. Gassed up my Civic. Ceil ran an errand and visited Nancy.

At three I drove Ceil down to Lenox Square. Had to drive down near the airport. Noticed heavy northbound traffic downtown, so when I left the airport at 5 pm I took the Camp Creek Parkway to 285 north, and came around the west side of town. Made it the 34 miles back home in 55 minutes. Quite a feat. All day I had been working the phone trying to track down a lost shipment.

Drove to Alpharetta for a school parents meeting. Stopped by Hardees to use a coupon. The Hardees is in a nice area of downtown Alpharetta. Parking lot was empty, with one customer waiting on her order. No cars in the drive through. Took nine minutes to get my two bacon burgers. Was inside for 25 minutes, and I was only one of four customers. Burgers were ok but perhaps overpriced without the coupon. Cook used the microwave to heat the bacon.

Meeting went well. Legacy does a good job communicating their vision and mission: developing student leaders by involving families and with excellent teaching. We sang a couple of praise songs and the school president led us parents in prayer. In January they'll offer family service projects, and the senior students leaders are working to meet the needs of a family who lost their home in a fire. I sat next to former Braves pitcher Greg McMichael.

After the meeting I zipped up to Hall County to pick up Matthew, and made it home to see Clemson pull away from a woeful Wake Forest team. After getting gas I put 130 miles on the Civic. Probably over 200 miles for the day.

Another busy day Friday. Early visit to our painter in Marietta. Then M goes to his math tutor, then his guitar lesson.

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