Thursday, November 20, 2014

How Will My Obit Read?

Saw where a 96 year old Falcon fan passed away. His obituary said he attended more Falcon games than anyone. Was friends with legend Jeff Van Note, owner Arthur Blank, and coach Mike Smith. Ate with Bill Fralic. Went to the Indy 500 every year and lots other sporting events. Good for him. I may be a sports fan, but I certainly don’t attend 99% of the games. My sister attends more Braves games than me. I go to less than four percent of the Braves games, and far fewer football and basketball games. I hardly ever watch the NFL, NBA, NHL, college basketball or baseball - in person or on TV. I detest the Little League World Series.

I may be a sports fan, but sure I hope that’s not the main topic of my obituary. I’d like to think there’s more to me than that. It would be ok to mention all the Peachtree Road Races I ran (28 so far), the three times I carried the Olympic Torch, or that I scored in the state championship football game. Maybe I made some people laugh. The years and trips serving as a youth leader and summer camp counselor. And most importantly: that I loved and served God, as well as my wife and kids.

My shoulder had been hurting for almost a month. Thought it was bursitis (whatever that is) or something. This morning at 5:45 Barney jumped on the bed like he usually does, and was rooting around my pillow and head like he does. He stepped on my shoulder and popped it back into place. No more pain!

Ceil took her mother to Athens Tuesday to visit Will. They brought back UGA shirts for A and M. I gassed up all three cars last night so none would have to be filled up this morning. My low fuel light was on, so I filled up on the way home. Anna’s Jeep had 16 miles to empty, so I used Kroger points at Shell. While moving the CRV I saw it had 44 miles to empty.

Will is drove to Ohio today with MC’s older sister to look at a school for her, so he will miss the trip to Clemson.

Last Thursday I meant to leave work at 11 am but didn’t leave until 2:45 pm. Drove straight to pick up bed while on phone for work the whole time. Then drove to Kroger while making another 30 minutes of calls. Went home and raked in the dark. Friday I rushed home at noon. Ceil was with her friends mourning the loss of her good friend Nancy’s mother (she was 89). Anna and I cleaned up. Drove M to Woodstock for guitar and bought him a coveted jean jacket and warm stocking cap for the Tech game.

After all the cleaning and yardwork and driving around I’d done the past week and a half, I finally relaxed on Sunday. Ceil’s brother’s gang departed around 10:30. We all went to Moe’s for lunch. Drove M down to PCC and later went back to pick him up. Ceil and her mom went to Publix. Ate chicken salad for supper. Others ate leftover lasagna or grits (Anna). Emily, Anna’s “future roommate” came over to study. For lunch Monday I had leftover oriental chicken and rice. Tuesday leftover chicken casserole. Wednesday leftover lasagna.

COLD! Monday night I saw people out playing tennis. Worked until six. Made a late trip to the library and shipped a bobblehead I’m trading for Rick Monday. His bobblehead depicts the time he rescued an American Flag some Dodger fans were trying to burn in centerfield. Started reading John Grisham’s Sycamore Road. Glad it’s the same characters from previous books.

Ceil cooked pork tenderloin. After supper we watched Dancing With the Stars. 76 year old Tommy Chong (above, right), of Cheech and Chong fame, had made it to the final five. Did a great job but was voted off. It probably is scripted, similar to American Idol, etc. The judges talk up the least popular performers and give them the best scores in an effort to sway the American voters. Isn’t that what ESPN is doing to the college football and basketball polls?

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