Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gold Letter Day

Friday I left work at noon and cleaned at home. Took M to his guitar lesson. Bought him a stocking cap and jacket for today's game.

Anna learned UGA had accepted her in the first wave of applicants...a huge honor. Will visited with the Hurt's in Athens...Margaret's Auburn equestrian team was 'playing' UGA.

Ceil's brothers family came down, bringing her mother for the week and Anna's three girl cousins. We picked up their son at the Clemson team hotel at the Galleria. Wait at all the crowded Cumberland restaurants was two hours for our party of eleven, so we went to Mellow Mushroom on Windy Hill. Very good and relaxing. Drove past the new Braves stadium. With the Cumberland / Galleria area so crowded and vibrant, I see no reason why a brand-new upscale area a quarter mile across the interstate wouldn't flourish - much to the chagrin of all the haters in town. 
This morning we bundled up for the cold and drove down to GT. Parked at the student center and walked across campus. Ate at the Baptist Center. Saw Fred O and Jim Haskell. He didn't remember me until I told him that I was your friend.

Had great seats on the 30...row 19 (much better than the view above). Wayne Price was in the upper deck. Great weather...I was bundled up and not cold at all.
Would've been a different game had the Clemson freshman QB Deshaun Watson (above) not gotten hurt. GT defense out scored the offense and played a great game. GT offense did ok, considering it was up against a top defense. What did I tell you about Tech's kicker?

Snoddy's injury happened right in front of us. Horrible. Almost as bad as Thiesman's.
Clemson fans may have suffered the whole game, but for me the game was still in doubt until halfway through the the fourth quarter. Such a sweet victory made sweeter by Duke's loss to VT.

Took our time getting home. M and I went with his friend and his dad. They go to FBC ATL. Dad retired from the Southern Company and just accepted job as CEO at Atlanta Union Mission.

Arrived home before end of AL / MSU halftime. Ceil cooked lasagna for the whole crowd. Anna went to celebrate with her future roommate Emily, and took her cousins. Didn't I tell you Bama would win?

Basketball: AJC thought GT looked better than UGA.

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