Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vintage NFL Jerseys

I’ve done this before, but I this time I tried to reach further back into time for a cool jersey from each NFL team. Picked white jerseys for the Cardinals and Giants since they have stripes. Every team has worn some sort of striped jersey (S) with the exception of the Raiders and Ravens.
Buccaneers 8 Steve Young (cream) S
Falcons 17 Bob Berry (black) S
Panthers 92 Reggie White (black) S
Saints 17 Billy Kilmer (black) S
Cowboys 32 Walt Garrison (blue) S
Eagles 17 Norm Van Brocklin (green) S
Giants 16 Frank Gifford (white) S
Redskins 42 Charlie Taylor (burgundy) S
Cardinals 8 Larry Wilson (white) S
49ers 14 YA Tittle (red) S
Rams 74 Merlin Olsen (white) S
Seahawks 80 Steve Largent (blue) S
Bears 41 Brian Piccolo (navy) S
Lions 71 Alex Karras (blue) S
Packers 64 Jerry Kramer (green) S
Vikings 70 Jim Marshall (purple) S
Bills 15 Jack Kemp (blue) S
Dolphins 21 Jim Kiick (aqua) S
Jets 13 Don Maynard (green) S
Patriots 73 John Hannah (red) S
Colts 82 Raymond Berry (blue) S
Jaguars 5 Blake Bortles (black) S
Texans 66 JJ Watt (blue) S
Titans 80 Randy Moss (light blue) S
Broncos 25 Haven Moses (orange) S
Chargers 21 John Hadl (powder blue) S
Chiefs 3 Jan Stenerud (red) S
Raiders 25 Fred Belitnikoff (black)
Bengals 80 Chris Collinsworth (black) S
Browns 76 Lou Groza (brown) S
Ravens 4 Joe Flacco (Black)
Steelers 5 Terry Hanratty (black) S

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