Saturday, November 08, 2014

Richest by State

Saw this interesting list: the richest individual in each state. Decided to research how each made their money. Added age where I could. Many are heirs and widows, most are elderly and retired. Most were born in privilege and received elite educations, but they took what they were given and made the most of it – running companies that employ tens of thousands. Most are now philanthropists.  

Many have interesting stories. David Koch survived an airplane crash. Some dabble in politics, like New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Others are inventors or computer geeks. Several invested their millions on sports teams.

81.5B WA Bill Gates (58) Microsoft
66.9B NE Warren Buffett (84) investor
47.3B CA Lawrence Ellison (70) Oracle
42.0B KS David Koch (74) Koch Industries
37.9B AR Christy Walton (59) Wal-Mart heir
33.7B  NY Michael Bloomberg (72) financial   
29.0B NV Sheldon Adelson (81) Sands CEO
25.9B VA Forrest Mars Jr (83) chocolates
19.0B OR Phil Knight (76) Nike
17.9B TX Michael Dell (49) computers
17.6B OK Harold Hamm (68) oil & gas
16.7B CO Charles Ergen (61) DISH Network  
16.2B MA Abigail Johnson (52) Fidelity CEO
14.3B CT Raymond Dalio (65) Bridgewater Associates
12.1B GA Anne Cox Chambers (94) media
11.1B NC James Goodnight (71) software
10.1B NH Richard Cohen (62) C&S Wholesale Grocers
10.0B NJ David Tepper (57) Appaloosa Management
9.2B WI John Menard Jr 74 Menards home improvement
7.4B MO Jack C Taylor (92) Enterprise Rental Car
6.5B FL Micky Arison 65 Carnival Cruise Line, Mia Heat
5.8B MI Kenneth Dart (60) Dart Container heir
5.8B MT Dennis Washington (80) Seaspan Marine
5.3B IL Kenneth C Griffin (46) Citadel LLC Hedge Fund
5.1B IN Gayle Cook (80) medical devices
5.1B OH Leslie Wexner (77) The Limited CEO
4.7B AZ Bruce Halle Sr (84) Discount Tire
4.3B TN Thomas Frist, Jr (80) Hospital Corp of America
3.8B MN Whitney MacMillan (85) Cargill
3.7B MD Theodore Lerner 89 real estate, MLB Nationals
2.7B SC Anita Zucker (62) Hudson’s Bay CEO
2.0B KY Brad M Kelley (58) tobacco
1.8B AL Marguerite Harbert (90) construction heir
1.8B PA John S Middleton: cigars, MLB’s Phillies
1.6B RI Jonathan Nelson 58 Providence Equity Partners
1.6B VT Robert Stiller (71) cigarettes, coffee
1.6B WV James C Justice II (63) coal mining
1.5B LA Thomas Benson (87) Saints & Pelicans
1.4B IO Dennis Albaugh (59) fertilizer, pesticides
1.2B ID Frank Vandersloot (66) rancher
1.0B ND Gary Tharaldson (69) Super 8 Hotel
950M UT Jon M Huntsman Sr (77) chemicals
910M NM Mack C Chase, oil, energy
880M MI David H Nutt, lawyer
840M ME Leon Gorman (80) LL Bean CEO
830M DE Robert Gore (77) invented Gore-Tex
700M HI Jay Shidler, real estate
580M SD T Denny Sanford (78) First Premier Bank
480M AK Robert Gillam, founded McKinley Capital
340M WY Jonathan Ledecky, Forbes, NY Islanders

Why do I post these lists? I'll see something that interests me, but it doesn't completely answer all the questions I have. Then I'll do additional research, so I just type it up and save it as a blog post.

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