Monday, November 10, 2014


Another super busy day on Friday. Drove over to Marietta to visit the painter in the morning. Gassed up the CRV and stopped by McDonalds. Got home in time to take M to his math tutor in the next subdivision. I was going to the post office but forgot my wallet. Cleaned up a little before picking him up. At 2:30 we left for M's guitar lesson. Stopped by the post office and Wendys. Got caught in traffic and was late getting to Woodstock. Swung by Whole Foods and Willy's on the way home. Got home at six.

Then M remembered his barn dance. Drove up past Crabapple to drop him off just before seven. Didn't feel like hanging out anywhere to kill two hours, so I drove home. Will was home - he and Anna were watching Good Will Hunting. At 8:35 I drove back to fetch M. Met North Point founder Bill Willits, and blew my intro by saying I had chaperoned his daughter years ago on a Living Science retreat. Daughter Bailey enjoyed the memory. Very nice horse farm, with the old style house overlooking the fields. The front porch is probably a great place to sit and watch the stars. Put 100 miles on the Civic and another 20 on the CRV. Didn't get much done, though.

Saturday morning I worked some upstairs, but I had to let Barney out. Did laundry, dishes, and changed out the winter clothes for spring while I watched GA/KY and GT/NCST. After those games I raked leaves until my rake broke. Blew the driveway, front walk, gutters, and back deck, then watched the end of Auburn/A&M. M went out with some PCC youth leaders for sushi and a movie. W went to a wedding shower. Anna had spent the day in Athens but returned early. I gassed up Will's Jeep and picked up some Moe's for Anna, then folded clothes during Bama/LSU.

Got the kids up and out the door by 10:25 Sunday morning for our trip to Macon to celebrate my parents' 60th anniversary. I knew if I tried to arrive at the agreed upon time we would've been late, so I shot for an hour early and arrived 35 minutes early (instead of 25 minutes late). Everyone else was late. 

We had a party of ten eating at Outback Steakhouse, and the service was almost perfect. Not sure anyone else noticed. Lots of special orders and requests and there was only one wrong order that I know of. Never had to ask for a drink refill, and empty appetizer plates and glasses were picked up promptly to clear room on the table. We were given extra bread and the free Veterans Day Blooming Onion two days early. Also a free anniversary dessert. The waitress even honored the four coupons my sister gave her. I had a BBQ chicken salad. M had chicken tenders. W had a double burger. A had a grilled chicken salad. Mom had salmon. Dad had a cheeseburger. Frank and Lori had steak salads and shared soup. Nita had a steak. Not sure about Brad - probably a burger.

On the drive down to Macon the big Honda CRV SUV got 33 mpg, loaded down with the four of us. Got home about 8 pm after stopping in Locust Grove for Frostys. Folded clothes while catching up on the NFL and watching the movie "Tootsie."

Taking this afternoon off to pick up M from school and C from the airport. Need to get a new rake and get the CRV serviced as well.

Politics: our foreign policy is a mess. People are saying Obama will be even more Mussolini-like these next two years. He has no interest in trying to work with people who don't agree with his way of seeing things, or serve the American people he represents . Republican Reagan worked with Democratic speaker Tip O'Niell for eight years, but Obama is obviously no student of history.

Several media outlets, including the AJC and CNN were trying to spin the elections as anything for what they were - the people making the statement that they are fed up with the current administration.

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