Monday, May 21, 2018

Banner Time

The neighborhood graduation banner is up, with Will’s name on it. This is the fourth of five straight years the Murphy name is gracing the banner.

2019 Anna (UGA)
2018 Will (PA school)
2017 Matthew (Legacy high school)
2016 Will (UGA) & Mary-Clayton (Oklahoma)
2015 Anna (Veritas high school)
2011 Will (Living Science high school)

Lately my delicacy has been chocolate covered coffee beans. I don’t like coffee, but the beans are great. Ceil received two small bags of the treats at a wedding shower for MC’s sister. Maybe there will be more at the wedding. Most days I eat one a day to make them last, and share with coworker Rachel. She’s been getting more at Whole Foods or Kroger. This weekend I discovered an uneaten chocolate/coffee/caramel candy bar I had given Ceil for Valentines. Had it for my mid-morning snack.

Ceil got up for the Royal Wedding, but I slept in. I watched it Saturday afternoon. People like Karen Toholsky were raving about the American preacher. Turned out the guy had quoted Charles March during the wedding, and later he attributed Charles and Bob Marsh as tremendous influences in his life, growing up in rural Alabama. Several Christian pastors and writers I know were noticeably silent on the royal wedding. But just as many chimed in, picking nits. Christians are took good at adding the “but they should’ve…” Goodness just be happy the wedding was as Biblical as it was. I hadn’t read much previously about Harry and Meghan. Supposedly during the ceremony several eyes rolled during various parts, like the mixed race gospel choir singing a secular song.

So often Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis is a voice in the wilderness, calling out the media and others for unfair treatment and misinformation. But recently he got it wrong jumping on an old, incorrect bandwagon saying Andy Stanley was de-emphasizing the Old Testament when one soundbite from Andy’s sermon was taken out of context. Stanley even came back to clear up the issue.

My company will be supplying the aluminum handrails for the new football stadium being built in Las Vegas, for the former Oakland Raiders. Our salesperson gets to travel out to Vegas for a meeting. In addition to Vegas, our aluminum made the handrails for SunTrust Park, Mercedes Benz Stadium, Phillips Arena, the University of Missouri’s football stadium, and this summer’s end zone expansion in UGA’s Sanford Stadium.   

My heel has been hurting. Been trying several shoes to run in but only one old pair doesn’t hurt. I know I need a new pair. Just listed out at least 51 pairs of shoes l currently own. Gotta get to selling some (14), and giving away others (4). Ceil received a gift card for the end of school, and bought a new pair of New Balance sneakers for her. Her old pair of Asics were at least five years old.

Was on my laptop Sunday night but forgot to post to my blog, letting down ten or eleven readers. Making up for it today by diving today’s updates into two posts.

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