Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pink and 42

Another day, another uniform for the Braves.
Sunday teams wore Mother's Day caps, belts, sleeves, stickers, socks, batting gloves, bats, and spikes. Why not wear pink jerseys?
Hit leader Nick Markakis (above) went all out.
Strikeout king Sean Newcomb a little less so. 
Since the Braves and Cubs were rained out on Jackie Robinson Day
the teams honored the former Dodger great on their makeup game.
In addition to the number, both teams wore patches on caps and sleeves.
Ender Inciarte (above)
Ronald Acuna (below)
Ben Zobrist is an interesting fellow. Lives in Wrigleyville.
Rode his bike to the park - in full uniform.
Wears black spikes with old school tongue flaps,
or all black high top PF Flyers with spikes on the bottom.

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