Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New In Town

The weekend: worked until 5:40 Friday afternoon. The place had cleared out earlier than usual for the holiday, so I was still one of the last ones to leave. Not my original intent. Watched the movie "New in Town" on Netflix. Also some re-runs of The Tonight Show.
Saturday morning Ceil went to the farmers market in the Marietta Square. I cleaned downstairs. Around 11 am a guy came to sell us a new roof. So much for that new car. Did laundry and cleaned the rest of the day. Ceil went to get a few more things at the grocery.

Saturday night we went over to another couple's house for dinner, our fill-in Sunday School teacher while Brian takes a summer sabbatical. Joe is a no-nonsense engineer from Tennessee. I like him. I wore my untucked blue check Columbia PFG fishing shirt, knowing Joe favored the comfortable shirts as well. Got to their house and he was wearing one too. Wife Jennifer was born in the Philippines and works out at the Y with Ceil. Delicious dinner of marinated chicken, rice, and Ceil's salad. I only had one serving of the yummy dessert: vanilla ice cream with fudge topping and peanuts. A Chinese widow from our class ate with us. She brought her two cute kids. At first the kids were shy, but later they couldn't stop talking. The little girl ate the dessert but spit out the peanuts. Reminded me of the old lady joke who had the tray of peanuts on her table that the visitor ate, not knowing the lady had sucked all the chocolate off them. After dinner we played dominoes – my first time. Fun.

Sunday morning was testimony time in Sunday School, and several people spoke. Bryant Wright is also on a short sabbatical, so Chip Henderson senior pastor at Pinelake Church in Jackson Mississippi delivered an inspiring message. Henderson has been at Pinelake since 1999, and in that time the church has grown from 700 to over 9000 Sunday worshippers, over five campuses.

Was watching the Braves when Acuna got hurt. Finally found the charger for my Apple Watch. Later Sunday afternoon we ran to Lowe's for a couple of plants, then Trader Joes for hamburger buns and frozen French fries for supper. I was starving. Should've gone inside Trader Joes for a box of cereal or something, but there was an Arbys in the parking lot. The car at the drive through was taking forever so I ran inside. Ordered a large fry and the clerk asked "want just the large fries, or the large fries AND a free small fries as well?" I said both, the he asked what my favorite cookie was. He gave me a free cookie as well. Ceil got back in the car and said "I smell French fries."

Anna was home when we got back. Ceil was cooked the burgers and fries. Anna snacked on my fries and fried eggs for our burgers. I didn't eat much. We all watched the Lifetime Channel movie about Prince Harry and Meghan. Afterwards C and A went to Kroger for contact lens solution. I turned on the Netflix Steve Martin / Martin Short special. Very good. C and A went to bed while I finished. Later M came in and watched some of the special.
Monday morning Ceil cooked brunch: oatmeal, eggs, bacon, and bagels. Later C, A, and M went to the mall. I did more laundry and cleaned out emails and played on my laptop. Watched the Short / Martin special again, and the Braves exciting walkoff win. Took Anna's Jeep to get new windshield wipers, and topped off the tank with gas. On her way out of town I showed her how to check the air in her tires. Next weekend I probably have to get new tires for her Jeep.

Went over to Lee & Nancy's for burgers and brats, with three other couples. Fun time. The four other couples all had son's graduate from high school this past week. Lots of desserts, but I didn't eat too much. Got home and the Braves were just starting game two. Lots of offense in the first four innings, and the Braves took a 4-3 lead. Ceil went to bed. I finished up stuff on my computer, and ordered a Dale Murphy jersey. Didn't go to bed until almost midnight.

MC comes to town today. She and Ceil are going apartment hunting. Will and Okie will be coming by Thursday. MC's sister's wedding rehearsal is Thursday night. Ceil is going to the bridesmaid's luncheon Friday morning, then we all go to the rehearsal dinner Friday night and the wedding Saturday evening.

East Cobb's Walton High School is one of the top five schools in the state. The salutatorian (a girl) it going to an Ivy League school, but the Korean-born valedictorian was wait-listed. He made a perfect score on the SAT and had a 4.8 GPA, making A's in over 25 advanced/honors classes. His parents and brother attended Columbia. He had to settle on Georgia Tech. For the time being.

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