Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Willie Nelson

Listening to Willie Nelson's autobiography. He grew up in a tiny town in Texas, singing and playing music in church. His sister became an organist in Dallas. In high school Willie played four sports: baseball, football, basketball, and track. Played QB and center and running back. Enlisted in the Air Force and breezed through basic training. Moved to a couple of different bases before being discharged for a bad back, worn out from picking harvests in the fields alongside other poor people: white, black, and Mexican. At 24 he was teaching Sunday School in Fort Worth. His break: the lady who wrote Jailhouse Rock for Elvis took a shine to Nelson, and encouraged him to move to Nashville.

Sports Illustrated ran an article about Clayton Kershaw. I had heard he was a Christian but had never seen an article about him. The writer did a good job all the way through the article, but then used the last sentence to unfairly cast a cloud of doubt over Kershaw's faith.
Monday night I worked past 6:30. Stirred up a hornet's nest and then I had to go to a meeting about it. At least the new meeting takes place at the same time as another meeting I'd be in. Plus there's another $200,000.00 problem that needs attention. Plus my regular work. And I'm taking off Thursday and Friday.

Ceil cooked burgers and fries for supper - Anna's last meal with us before going back to school today.

Worked until almost 8 pm Tuesday night. Probably the same time tonight. The joke is whenever you take off a day, you have to work over the two days before and then the two days after. It ain't no joke.

Braves don't need no pitchers. Newcomb shut out the Rays, and won it with the Acuna home run. Hope to see that over and over for the next 15 years.

Ceil fixed Mexican for supper. Homemade refried beans, squashed them herself. Watched The Middle, some Braves, Two Weeks' Notice (Ceil loves that movie) and Chicago Med. I worked on my computer.

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